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WoodMee® is a tool and toy for play and learning, that dually is a beautiful and unique home décor expressing your creativity. All within a foundation of being sustainable, irresistible engaging, and fun for children as well as playful adults. Designed in Denmark in 2020, sustainable produced in certified materials.

WoodMee® was created in 2020, based in 25 years of experience from designing and innovating products for the worlds largest toy and learning companies - products and platforms that today are reaching million of children across the planet. In these endeavours, play, making and building stuff displayed itself as a universal language, enabling children to become empowered for creating their common futures.

To catalyse these learnings into a joyful and lovable tool and toy for you, WoodMee® is created from 3 foundational  principles:



For the purpose to freely play without rules or predetermined goals


For the satisfaction of creating whatever you imagine 


While unawarely learning by doing  

Inspired by nature, cultures and learning through play, Woodmee® is designed from the best inspiration there is, generating a timeless and everlasting tool and toy. Combining this with the wood and steel materials, WoodMee® will grow more warm and gracious with time and use, inviting itself to be loved by and last for generations. 

WoodMee® offers hope for the sustainable future of design and production of tools and toys for play and learning.

Welcome to WoodMee.


Jesper Elling

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