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Welcome to WoodMee®  


A creative tool and toy, a building kit for curious children age 6 + years and playful adults.

For playing, building, learning and to express your creativity and imagination.

Made in responsible sourced teak and steel.

Designed in Denmark. 

In 2022 WoodMee® will launch its 2 first product, and an amazing collection of elements  - for your creativity, play and learning and to look amazing in your home. 

In a product you get:


One Box 10x10x10 cm. You can build models with the box and lid

Two Cube elements with laser engraving of one of the four Giants.

Eight Small Beam elements .

One Big Sphere element or one Big Cylinder with laser engraved deco.

One Rounded Cube or one Big Cube with laser engraved deco.

One Arch element or one Medium Cube 

One Cone element or one Small Sphere element

Fourteen short WoodMee® steel splits

Three long WoodMee® steel splits

Inspiration and guidance to build 7 models

Size of models vary. Depending on what you build but they are 5 – 10 + cm high/long.


Fire and Earth WoodMee® Guardians

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Sky and Water WoodMee® Guardians

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WoodMee® would love to hear from you !

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Struer, Denmark